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Collide (#13), By Toxicbullets, (FMA, Roy/Ed)

Title: Collide
Author: toxicbullets
Fandom & Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG-PG-13?
Warnings: Shonen Ai
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, or the characters, Hiromu Arakawa does.
Word count: 485

It began with talking, a lecture. Fullmetal blew something up, Flame complaining how the military was getting tired of having to always put funds towards the disasters that were caused by the young prodigy. But then, neither of them had been quite sure of who made the first initiative of the kiss.

Edward’s lips stumbled along Roy’s, while his were at the apex of perfection. It was a collision course, a terrible, perilous one at that. For they were both guys, Ed was almost half of Roy’s age, and last but not least, fraternizing.

Fullmetal thinking it was Flame.
And, Flame thinking it was Fullmetal.

But to blame it on the other would be foolish enough. For one moment glares and lectures and foul language passed, but then in the eye of the storm, it was like someone froze time and put them that way.

Their lips collided.

Capturing all the bases of, need, want, lust, love, aggravation, confusion, and curiosity.

The need, the want for comfort from a bad and exhausting day, or week, or month.

Lust was for all the times when their consciences went against their morals and said the other looked a bit more than dashing on occasions.

Love and Aggravation, knowing that they were almost perfect for each other. But then ‘almost’ bruised their lips, somehow they knew they would never be given the chance to stay like this, or even see where this terribly wonderful inquisition could get them. Because in this kiss they saw what their future held.

Their confusion and curiosity mingled like their tongues discovering knew thinks about the other. Roy often wondered if he’d like to hear Ed say his first name instead of the rough, like sandpaper of nails, ‘Mustang’ or ‘Colonel’.

It was a sudden jolt of intimacy. Hands, touching, rubbing, sliding. Exasperated, it was heaven or hell at the same time. Neither could decide where this destination was when they kissed. But in that moment they were separated.

Both trying to get their breath, chests heaving up and down. Gulping in deep breaths of air, as if they were about to go under water for a long time. Ed’s face flushed, lips red. Roy’s eyes held a different obsidian color to them, something that held pensive volume. The look Roy was giving him was all too much for the blonde to handle. So he ran away from the embarrassment of just kissing his superior officer.

When Ed left in a blur of red and black, the Flame was left alone to his own thoughts. He walked to his chair, slightly dazed. No one ever made the man dazed after being just kissed. It was ONLY ONE kiss. But indeed, he was bemused from it.

Roy sat down, slouching slightly. Three fingers graced his lip in a ghostly touch, deciding he liked the taste of Ed and the way he had kissed him.
Tags: 30_fortunes, fma, roy/ed

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