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09 June 2009 @ 07:06 pm
Wolverine: Origins, was a decent good movie o: My friend was chattering about the naked!Wolverine scene before the movie started.
I give it a 4/5 because well, I love, love LOVE! Gambit :)
It was pretty depressing because if you saw the first movie you knew how it HAD to end.

I took the SATs last weekend, not too hard. But I was burned out around the last couple of ones thinking, "Hmmm.. this choice sounds okay.". Right above my eyebrows hurt from the stress and constant reading of questions for 3 and a half hours. I hope I never have to take those ever again and will be pleased with the outcome...
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29 April 2009 @ 07:03 pm

Spring has really set in. Everything is in bloom, and just a few days ago it reached the eighties. It's great, but my allergies are really acting up this season ): For the past week or so, I feel like I'm suffering from insomnia. I hate restless nights.

Yaaayy, American Idol eliminations tonight! :x My favorites are Adam and Danny.
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I went last Wednesday 4/21 :) Very amazing and what a crazy concert. It lasted from 7 to a little past 11. This was my first metal (I guess that's what you would define the genre) concert (and my older brother's first concert). There was so much energy that you couldn't stand still. I was screaming my lungs out especially when Killswitch and Disturb performed. I wish I was in the pit, because I would've LOVED to have crowd surfed. The security guards would pick up the deposited crowd surfers and escort them back into the pit.

Lacuna Coil opened the concert, they were decent but I was hoping to hear their 'Enjoy the Silence' which they didn't play ): Most were songs I didn't know except like two.

I've heard of the band Chimaira but never listened to their music, so I liked Lacuna better.
Killswitch Engage, one of my favorite bands!! :DD I'm so ecstatic I got to see them. From what I remember they played 'Arms of Sorrow', 'As Daylight Dies', 'My Curse', I think 'Still Beats your Name' and the last was 'Holy Diver'. Everyone was screaming and shouting when they started to play it :) The second lead vocalist pranced around in these shorts with his hairy legs sticking out and told the audience, 'I'm bring sexy back', and when he would take a drink of water he would spit it onto the pit x:

I was expecting less from Disturbed but they totally surpassed what I thought they would do and they were awesome. I wanted to take so many more pictures of them, but I didn't have enough battery because I forgot to charge my camera :\. I tried to, a dozen times but it would flash and annoying flash 'Low Battery' D:< They played 'Voices', 'Land of Confusion', 'Stupefy', 'Ten Thousand Fists', and many more songs but I can't remember~ Before they ended with 'Getting Down with the Sickness', they made the drummer start out this solo, whereupon they had the vocalist ninja through the crowd. He went to this platform that raised up at least like 12 feet.

I don't want to spam my FList with pictures, so they're hidden behind cut :)

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25 April 2009 @ 04:14 pm
Can anyone honestly say they're rode in the back of a trunk holding onto four stacked chairs for their dear life? I can. Let me explain.
So after lunch, my mom, my aunt and I went to Lowe's to pick up chairs for the deck. My aunt's car doors didn't open wide enough to shove a single, let alone four chairs in and the trunk wasn't big enough. They concocted a plan to just kinda place them stacked in the trunk. Thank god, that the backseat folded down. I laid down on the folded backseat and half way into the trunk I gripped onto the chairs. The ride was 20 minutes home bound. At least it's bright blue skies and like, almost 70 outside :)
My chest hurts and I feel so dizzy right now.
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